Museums & Exhibitions

Several rooms at Wildeck castle were re-opened for visitors and guests after being restored throughout the last years.

Learn during a guided tour about the history of the fortress, be delighted by the beautiful view from the halls and the keep’s cisterns, realize yourself the exposed position of the castles high above the river Zschopau and enjoy the almost ghostly atmosphere in the former castle cistern. Or are you more fascinated by minerals?

Be amazed at the old but fully functioning technology in the book printing museum, the book binding shop and the stamp department. Furthermore, you will have the chance to watch the members of the numismatic society of Zschopau when they coin medals. Finally, do not miss the motorcycle exhibition. It does not only present a selection of DKW and MZ motorcycles, but also reveals the interesting history of manufacturing motorcycles and the town Zschopau in words, pictures and movies.

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