Christmas Market

Weihnachtsmarkt01The time before Christmas has its own very special atmosphere in Zschopau. Walking through the streets and alleys of the villages and towns of the Ore Mountains will evoke the Christmas spirits of both, children and adults. The traditional folk art of the Ore Mountains, such as lace-making, wood-carving and wood-turning are still practiced and well-known not only in the local area.

Weihnachtsmarkt02Each year, on the second of Advent, the traditional Christmas Market opens its gates. Within the charming scenery of Wildeck Castle, you will find small shops offering a variety of festive goods, such as local wooden arts, Christmas decoration, toys and a good selection of fine food.  A room decorated in a festive style typical for the Ore Mountains ("Hutzenstube") offers exhausted visitors a warm place to enjoy a cup of coffee and German Christmas cake ("Stollen"). Furthermore, professional acts and artists from the local area will entertain the whole family. Come and enjoy the festive atmosphere of Christmas in the Ore Mountains and be thrilled by the entertaining programme and the scent of the traditional German Christmas cake and mulled wine.