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Wildeck Castle

Schloss01Right above a ford for an ancient borders-crossing route, the „Old Bohemian Path“, a medieval fortress had been erected.  It was built on a steep rock high above the river and today,  only the keep „Fat Henry“ left is from the original building which was built in the 12th/13th century.

Prince elector (German: Kurfürst) Moritz of Saxony had the medieval fortress re-designed into a hunting chateau between 1545 and 1547. The building is characterized be the tower “Slim Margarethe” (German: Schlanke Margarethe) with its curved roof hood and its dominant gables. Up until the year 1911, different hunting administrations had their seats at Zschopau’s castle. At the beginning, there were Dukes, followed by prince electoral and finally it became a hunter’s seat of the King of Saxony. Unfortunately, the ancient collection of hunting trophies does not exist anymore. However, according to an old register, there had been an assortment of 112 horns and antlers.

Throughout the 19th century, the eastern part of the building had been extended, in which the “Expedition of the Kingly Court” was located. Later, the district court moved in. In 1855, the western part of the castle was extended and a prison including a courtyard was accommodated there. Today, the prison is  only a part of history´, too. Wildeck Castle was transferred into municipal ownership in 1994 and has been gradually restored since.


Today, the castle’s appearance is characterized by different eras. Thus, visitors usually realize the keep „Fat Henry“ in the first place. It is probably the oldest building in Zschopau and has been constructed in a Roman style.

After extensive restoration throughout the last years, Wildeck Castle presents itself in its former glory. A variety of renaissance styled rooms, such as the Blue and White Parlour and the Red and Green Halls, have been re-opened for visitors and guests. Schloss02

Learn during a guided tour about the history of the fortress, be delighted by the beautiful view from the halls and the keep’s cisterns, and realize yourself the exposed position of the castle high above the river Zschopau. The baroque garden and the completely refurbished castle walkway with its scented roses, fruit trees sculptures and idyllic spots invite our guests to stay and calm down.


Heini‘s Paradies for Children
Mascot Heini invites you …

hhhWhen the Children’s festival took place in September 2012, a new attraction was added to Wildeck Castle: „Heinis Kinderparadies“ (lit. Heini’s Paradise for Children).  In the rooms of the former tourist information, our small guests can have fun and play with their parents. Furthermore, the venue will be used for events. In January 2013, the club “Wild Castle Kids” has been established by the castle’s friends’ association. Within this club, children will be able to explore the history of our castle and town in a playful way. Furthermore, afternoons for doing arts and crafts are planned. The group meets twice a month on Thursdays from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm. Taking part in a guided tour or experience medieval life – children have endless opportunities. Also the weeks around Christmas are a very exciting time in the children’s paradise. On each Thursday in December, the "dwarves’ workshop" takes place and the children get the chance to make small gifts for their families and friends.

“Heini’s Paradise for Children” is open to visitors during the opening times of the castle. (Mo-Tue and Thu-Sat 11 am – 5 pm).

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