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Annual Castle & Marksmen Festival

When the summer in the Ore Mountains draws to the close, the old mining-town Zschopau holds its annual castle and marksmen festival .

The gates of the town are opened widely and visitors are very welcome to join, meet and celebrate with the inhabitants of Zschopau.

Medieval flair, historical workshops, street artists, children's programmes as well as performances of different local clubs will be highly enjoyed by the whole family.  Of course, a rich variety of delicious food and drinks are available at the market, too.

Highlights of the festival include the historical crossbow shooting and awarding its winner, the parade of the clubs and a stunning firework.

Above that, the museums in the castle are opened all weekend. Finally, the observation platform on the tower "Fat Henry" (German: Dicker Heinrich), will provide you wit a fantastic view over Zschopau and its surroundings.


Christmas Market

Weihnachtsmarkt01The time before Christmas has its own very special atmosphere in Zschopau. Walking through the streets and alleys of the villages and towns of the Ore Mountains will evoke the Christmas spirits of both, children and adults. The traditional folk art of the Ore Mountains, such as lace-making, wood-carving and wood-turning are still practiced and well-known not only in the local area.

Weihnachtsmarkt02Each year, on the second of Advent, the traditional Christmas Market opens its gates. Within the charming scenery of Wildeck Castle, you will find small shops offering a variety of festive goods, such as local wooden arts, Christmas decoration, toys and a good selection of fine food.  A room decorated in a festive style typical for the Ore Mountains ("Hutzenstube") offers exhausted visitors a warm place to enjoy a cup of coffee and German Christmas cake ("Stollen"). Furthermore, professional acts and artists from the local area will entertain the whole family. Come and enjoy the festive atmosphere of Christmas in the Ore Mountains and be thrilled by the entertaining programme and the scent of the traditional German Christmas cake and mulled wine.

Regularity Race

Every final weekend in June, the MCZ (Motorcycle Club Zschopau) organizes the Regularity Race for historic motorcycles and cars. The track includes the entire town of Zschopau and is 3 km long. All owners or drivers of a historic motorcycle or car are eligible. The driver needs to hold a special driver's license for the vehicle.


The weekend usually starts with a historical classic cross-country race "Around Zschopau, the town of MZ" with more than 100 competitors on Saturday. A programme which includes the presentation of historical cross-country motorcycles additionally entertains the audience at that day. The actual Regularity Race takes place in two runs. In this rally not the speed is important but the consistency of the drivers. They are supposed to use exactly the same amount of time for both stages of the race. Finally, the winner is awarded within a ceremony in the evening and the winners are given a cup, whilst the overall winner will be given the challenge cup of the mayor. After an exciting weekend, the audience is invited to enjoy themselves with good food and drinks in a historical atmosphere.

Motorsportclub MZ - Zschopau e.V.Gleichmäßigkeitsfahrt


Sabine Hoheisel
Witzschdorfer Str. 47
09405 Zschopau

Telefon: +49 (0)3725 82401


The club exisists since 1956.
Members: 60
Main task until 1990: organization of the motorcycle cross-country race "Around Zschopau", this task has been taken over by "MCZ Rund um Zschopau e. V." (lit. Motorcycle Club Around Zschopau, registered society). Current activities:

  • organisation of the regularity race in Zschopau
  • support of talented youths
  • support veterans

For more information visit:


Every year in October, hundreds of competitors try to master this challenging course. Both, regional and international riders, take part in this traditional competition. The 85km long course around Zschopau is gathered with thousands of people every year and offers its audience a unique atmosphere which is also well-known outside the Ore Mountains.



A Short History of the Enduro Race in Zschopau

Originally, Enduro racing was known as a cross-county sport for motorcycles and has a long tradition in and around Zschopau. In the 1930s, a new kind of sports was created by Walter Kaden and Walter Winkler. This sport was originally called “Reliability Race” and established itself as an important kind of sport in the following years.

After the end of the Second World War, the MZ factory reached world-wide fame within this discipline. Many victories - in national and international competitions - were achieved by the factory's athletes. Especially remarkable was the fivefold win of the Team World Championship by Werner Stiegler, Bernd Uhlmann, Horst Lohr, Peter Uhlig, Hans Weber and Werner Salewsky.

Within the recent years, the sport was made a figurehead for Zschopau by such reputable names like Frank Schubert, Kurt Seidel, Manfred Jäger, Harald Sturm, Uwe Weber, Jens Scheffler up to Mike Heydenreich and Udo Grellmann, who are regarded as representatives of all the active members of the club. The triumphant time of the organization of the World Championship had its peak in June 1990. After the German reunification, there was a great collapse as the factory went into liquidation which resulted in the end of these sporting events.

However, some teenagers from the neighbouring village of Witzschdorf tried to revive the olden days with a small village race. Throughout the years, this idea was developed into the annual "November Enduro" with its first German Championship taking place in 1997. 

Due to the support of international recognized athletes, the competition was given a tremendous boost in the years od 2000 and 2001. More than 50.000 guests came to Zschopau to experience this one of a kind sport with their own eyes.  Due to this huge support, a traditional attraction was revived in Zschopau and the town gained a lot of positive feedback for organizing such kinds of events from all over Europe.

The following facts indicate the dimensions of this sport:

  • up to 300 international and national athletes from 14 nations
  • multiple World and European Champions take part
  • up to 55.000 viewers at the course in 2001
  • recognition of the German motor sports federation: „Europe's best Enduro event in 2001“


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