District Ganshäuser ("Goose Houses")

This small settlement belongs to Krumhermersdorf and is situated between the recently built hospital and the "MZ" factory on a hill near the road "'Alte Marienberger Straße".

District Wilischthal

The village of Wilischthal is situated in the wooded valley of the river Zschopau. Close by, the small stream Wilisch and the river meet and the settlement is located next to the road from Zschopau to Wolkenstein where a forest car park is available.

District Krumhermersdorf

The hamlet Krumhermersdorf became part of Zschopau in 1999 and represents a community typical for the Ore Mountains. About 2 km southeast of Zschopau, Krumhermersdorf stretches to an altitude of 600 m. Thus, it guarantees a marvellous view on the surrounding landscape.