District Ganshäuser ("Goose Houses")

This small settlement belongs to Krumhermersdorf and is situated between the recently built hospital and the "MZ" factory on a hill near the road "'Alte Marienberger Straße". 

Historically, "die Gans" (lit. the goose) used to be a well-known restaurant on the Old Bohemian Path. Consequently, it was used as a stop to re-arrange the horses in front of the carts carrying salt, which were pulled up the steep hill of Zschopau by up to six leading horses.

In 1838, the restaurant burnt down and has not been reconstructed.

Today, the small settlement implies the idea of an appealling area to live in.

The village Krumhermersdorf with its settlement "Ganshäuser" has 1.795 inhabitants and became part of Zschopau in 1999.