Cycling & Hiking Paths

Exploring the Valley of the River Zschopau - The Heart of the Ore Mountains

Nearly half of the area around Zschopau is part of a preserved nature reserve and a huge variety of objects are regarded as natural monuments. A wide ranging hiking network with marked paths invite our visitors to do long walks, which will be an unforgettable experience.

A very distinctive experience during the winter season, is hiking through the snow-covered woods or a ride on a horse-drawn sleigh - which will be enjoyed by the whole family.

There are two different paths leading through the town: the red-marked "Zschopau Valley Hiking Path" (German: Zschopautal-Wanderweg) and the "Zschopau Valley Cycling Path". Both start at the spring of the river at the mountain Fichtelberg and lead through the charming scenery of the valley up to the mouth of the river. 
The landscape in and around Zschopau offers an attractive setting for hiking and cycling tours.


Walks on circular tours (starting point: Villa Wilisch)

  • Walk to the villa Wilisch: 2 hours
  • "Bodemer" path: 1 hour
  • Via-Mala-Tour: 1,5 hours
  • walk to the white stones: 1 h 45m
  • Tischautal - Hiking Path (Educational Trail)


Tours Into the Valleys of the River and to the Mine

  • Gansbachtal mit Pilzhübel
  • Teufelsnase
  • Wurzelweg
  • Uferweg

We recommend to purchase a hiking guidebook for these tours at the tourist information.

If you are interested in extended walks, you can hike from Oberwiesenthal to Döbeln through our beautiful landscape on the Zschopau Valley Hiking Path. On this path, you will find, amongst other landmarks, seven medieval castles.

Furthermore you can purchase a hiking guidebook for the whole area of the Ore Mountains which will entitle you to be able to get the "Wandernadel" (lit. Hiking Needle). It is a prize for pursuing the hiking trails of three different levels (according to the acquired stamps in your hiking pass).

Of course, there is also a network of cycling paths with respective suggestions for cycling tours.

The local tourist information provides you with a variety of maps, brochures and ideas for your hiking or cycling experience.


For more information visit:


  • Wanderung zur Villa Wilisch – 2 Std. Gehzeit
  • Der Bodemerweg – 1 Std. Gehzeit
  • Die „Via-Mala“ - Tour - 1.30 Std. Gehzeit 
    Auf der Karte ansehen
  • Der Weg zu den weißen Steinen – 1.45 Std. Gehzeit
  • Gansbachtal mit Pilzhübel
  • Teufelsnase
  • Wurzelweg
  • Uferweg