Lookout Points in the Vicinity

Zschopau's vicinity is characterized by several lookout points in the immediate surrounding of the town which is itself situated in a valley. Those lookouts guarantee a fabulous view and are often labelled as "pulpits" (German: Kanzel).


  • Bodemerkanzel
    This outlook is dedicated to the industrialist Bodemer. At this place, a plaque is located which carries a quotation by Goethe as inscription.
  • Seminaristenkanzel
    Above a bench, a memorial stone is situated which was dedicated to the Studienrat (German honorary title for a teacher) Eger in 1928. He was also a member of local club which was dedicated to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the local area.
  • Cottabank 
    This bench, which was built of natural stone, carries the inscription: “H. Cotta, born 30. October 1763, died 28. October 1844“ and is dedicated to the famous hunter.
  • Mosens Ruh
    This outlook is related to a former minister of Zschopau, Mr Mosen. He worked in Zschopau in the second half of the 19 th century and was a freeman of the town. This place used to be his favourite spot.