Mittlerer Erzgebirgskreis

Surroundings of the Great District Town Zschopau

The Great District Town Zschopau has about 12,000 inhabitants and is located at the foot of the Ore Mountains. It is a very popular holiday region throughout all seasons, with a lot of old traditions and cultural heritage.

The Ore Mountain District is a charming area at the heart of the Ore Mountains. It stretches from the outskirts of the town Chemnitz to the border of the Czech Republic.

The 'Silver Street' (German: Silberstraße) is the first thematic holiday route in Saxony. It links all places that became famous in connection with the mining industry and leads from Zwickau to the state capital Dresden. Mines can be found everywhere, the customs are kept alive in an affectionate way and have become part of the people's culture.

Famous names such as Georgius Agricola and Adam Ries, are closely connected with the mining industry in Saxony.

Numerous museums and mines that open to tourists give proof of a diverse history. In open air exhibitions, museums of local history, in mines and in rooms where bobbin lace is made, the visitors are offered a lot of opportunities to get to know the way of life and the customs of the people living in the Ore Mountains .

Spending holidays in the Ore Mountains first of all means enjoying the peacefulness and the spicy mountain air, discovering varied idyllic landscapes with wooded valleys, soft mountainside meadows, splashing brooks and rivers and impressive water reservoirs.

Picturesque fortresses and castles are towering above the beautiful valley of the river Zschopau - from its source at the Fichtelberg to its confluence with the river Freiberger Mulde.

Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, these castles and fortresses still mirror the culture and architecture of different periods of the past. These medieval witnesses fit well into the charming mountain range along both sides of the valley. Why not planning a holiday tour to the following castles and fortresses:

Castle Schlettau - Castle Wolkenstein - Adventure Fortress Scharfenstein - Castle Augustusburg - Castle Wildeck Zschopau - Baroque Castle and Park Lichtenwalde - Castle Saxenburg - Fortress Rriebstein

Due to its geographical location, Zschopau is well suitable for tourists with a car, too. Such well-known destinations like the Saxon state capital Dresden or the eastern and western parts of the Ore Mountains can be reached within a short time. Those who would like to avoid the motorway can discover the beauty of our region by driving along the 'Silver Street' (Silberstraße) that leads through our Silver Ore Mountains.