Coat of Arms & Town Logo

Zschopau's Coat of Arms

It is documented that the town's Coat of Arms included the three towers already before 1600. In 1896, it was re-designed only slightly by the heraldic office in Dresden and the new Coat of Arms was certified by the Ministry of the Interior in Dresden on the 15th September 1896.


The Coat of Arms was described as follows:

"On a blue background, there are three red-roofed towers with a golden tined wall (German: Bossenmauer) including an open gate. Thus, the town shall have a golden (yellow) stripe on the top and a blue stripe at the bottom of the flag."

The Coat of Arms with its towers and the wall implies the town's capability of military defence. Besides, the open gates indicate that friendly minded visitors are welcome to the town at any time. The Coat of Arms represents the whole town in a delightful way and still enjoys great popularity and unchanged interest. With its colours, its strictness in form and its age, it still has a special appeal today.

To foreigners,it is a sign of identification of the town, whilst for the inhabitants, it is a symbol for familiarity and home.

The Design of the Town’s Logo

The motorcycle and its driver represent the past, the present, and also the future.

The tower symbolizes Wildeck Castle, our historical monuments and the town's history of more than 700 years.

Furthermore, the green ribbon stands for the Old Bohemian Path (German: Böhmischer Steig) and an area full of inviting hiking trails.

Our town owes its existence to the river which is represented by the blue stripe. At the same time, this also implies the scenic river valley.

Legal Information: 

All rights are reserved by the town Zschopau. The logo can be used by natural and legal persons upon request. This this request has to be addressed to the administrative office of the town. In this case, a licence fee becomes due.